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Kota Bharu

Kota Bharu (Jawi: كوت بهارو; Chinese: 哥打峇鲁) is a city in Malaysia that serves as the state capital and royal seat of Kelantan. The name means 'new city' or 'new castle/fort' in Malay. Kota Bharu is situated in the northeastern part of Peninsular Malaysia, near the mouth of the Kelantan River. The northeastern Malaysian city is close to the Thailand border. The Kelantanese culture is highly influenced by Thai culture because of its geographical proximity to Thailand. The Chinese are much more assimilated to local culture than those in other parts of Malaysia. Traditional dances like Mak Yong and Wayang Kulit were once widely practised, but are actively suppressed by local authorities because of perceived Hindu influences thought to contradict Islam.

Kota Bharu II

I was keen to visit Kota Bharu after hearing the east coast of Malaysia still had many traditional crafts people.