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Sarawak Cultural Village

Sarawak Cultural Village (Kampung Budaya Sarawak) is near Kuching and a place for visitors to experience local tribes in their authentic homes; you can learn their customs by participating in one of many workshops. The village is actually a living museum. Sarawak used to be inhabited by many different tribes that roamed the forests. Nowadays there are still tribes in Sarawak, but most of them live far away from civilization, deep in the jungles of Borneo. Unfortunately even there are they threatened due to deforestation.


Kuching /ˈkuːtʃɪŋ/ (Jawi: کوچيڠ‎, Chinese: 古晉; pinyin: Gǔjìn), officially the City of Kuching, is the capital of Sarawak in Malaysia on the island of Borneo). Situated on the Sarawak River at the southwest tip of the state of Sarawak. The statues of cats in the city suggest the town is named after the Malay word for cat, "kucing." I enjoyed Kuching.


Sibu /ˈsibuː/ (simplified Chinese: 诗巫; traditional Chinese: 詩巫; pinyin: Shīwū) is an inland town at the central region of Sarawak, Malaysia (Borneo). It is located at the confluence of the Rajang and Igan Rivers, some 60 kilometres from the South China Sea. Sibu is mainly populated by the Chinese especially the Fuzhou Chinese ethnicity and local ethnic indigenous groups such Melanau, Malay, and Iban. Sibu is the main tourist gateway to the Upper Rajang River, with its small riverine towns and its many Iban and Orang Ulu longhouses.

Iban Longhouse

Bawang Assan Iban Longhouses, Sibu The longhouses date from the 18th Century, and take about 40 minutes from Sibu by boat or road. Visitors can get a good idea of how longhouses have evolved to keep pace with the times; and learn of the culture from many of the older inhabitants who speak excellent English. The longhouse offers overnight stays, with visitors accompanying the locals in their daily activities, such as padi planting and fishing.


Miri /ˈmɪriː/ (Jawi: ميري‎; Chinese: 美里; pinyin: Méi Lǐ) is a coastal city in northeastern Sarawak, Malaysia, located near the border of Brunei, on the island of Borneo.,_Malaysia