Aeve Pomeroy

I began making photos in 2006 for my shop selling semi-precious gems. When it was time to close the doors in 2010 I left Australia for South East Asia and India for several months and took lots of photos with a new Canon 50D. My camera skills were little and I managed to take a decent exposure when the sun was bright, but was baffled when faced with other light conditions.
When I returned to Aus I wanted to know how to take better photos and wanted to dip my toes in another business. I completed two diplomas of photography and business and then life took another turn and set the course for a new direction.
I went through a healing journey and began holding meditation groups and talks and giving one on one holistic counselling and intuitive reading and healing sessions. In 2016 I completed a diploma of community service and am currently working on a counselling diploma. I will continue to take sessions while I study. If you are interested in any of this come over to my other website http://aevepomeroy.com.au/mindbodysoul.

I'm having fun making albums of past work in the Albums page of this website, and lots more to come.

Thanks for stopping by and you are welcome to contact me through the contact page.

Blessings and love

Aeve x