Holding space

My groups and sessions guide and support you to enjoy your own simple practice of meditation.

What is Meditation Therapy?

Meditation is something that we can learn with guidance, coaching and practicing together.

The benefit of meditation practice is we are less likely to engage in the mental rollercoaster with thoughts running in circles and not resolving our issues, but the brain moves onto the next priority and files the previous thoughts as energy in the body until something triggers them again.

Whatever we haven’t resolved produces anxiety subconsciously and we know we are anxious but often don’t realise what is causing it.

Meditation Therapy may be used as part of an overall process that maximises our healing potential and I believe it is the most important if not essential for our healing process. With the right tools and teacher it can be simple and easily achieved.

Meditation therapy helps with:

  • slowing the brain so that we can use our brain more efficiently
  • thinking burns a lot of energy and slowing down conserves this and more efficient use of resources
  • when our brain is stressed so is our body and we age faster and wear ourselves out
  • our ability to make good decisions and solve problems
  • life feels easier and less frantic
  • slowing our thoughts opens more of our brain capacity, contrary to what we may think!
  • greater focus enables us to plan our time better


from people in my meditation groups...

Debbie W

Aeve holds meditation circles, which I have been attending, where she always leads with a lovely guided meditation. Personally, I find her voice very soothing and easy to listen to while being taken to a level of complete restful relaxation.

Deborah F

I find when Aeve starts her meditating session everyone is immediately centred and focused to receive. Her calming voice is truly a gift and her words seem to be guided by her heart, which is open to service. It always is a privilege to participate in one of her sessions.

Healing every area of your life...

Holistic approach to your life includes all aspects of it

How Aeve can help you?

I know the courage it took for me to seek help and how most of my life has been a path of learning in this way. Meeting teachers at the right moments and then time in between to digest and experience the learning. I am blessed to have had many gentle teachers who've shown me how warmth and compassion heals. As well as other teachers who've shown me aspects of humanity that I needed to see, so I could form a wider picture of our human story through the ages and see the magic that is still here for us to heal, reset, recalibrate and create with. If you wish you can read more of my journey here.

To help you in practical as well as multidimensional, I'm studying a counselling diploma and have qualifications in community services and basic counselling. Over the last few years I have given many spiritual guidance and counselling sessions. If you would like to read what others have said please tap here and you are welcome to contact me to confidentially chat about what you are looking for in a counselling and healing session.