Take a moment to sit or stand in a balanced comfortable position and close your eyes and do a few deep diaphragmatic breaths.
Breathe in slowly and deeply as possible to feel the abdomen expand and rest for a moment then slowly release. Rest for a moment then breathe in slowly and deeply again. Hold and rest then breathe out.  Repeat a few more times. As you do this see green colour or plants around you and you are breathing in green.

If you can manage 3 breaths or more to go deeper into the relaxation you begin to bring blood pressure and heart rate down and slow mental activity. The green energy you call in nourishes and rejuvenates your cells.

It's ok not to think for those few moments. Those around you are likely focused on their own world and when we calm our energy and slow our minds our perception of the world matches that energy.

Remember the loving warm feeling after yoga, reiki, massage or other kind of relaxation and energy moving session where you took time out to reconnect with the beautiful energy inside of you.

Give this to yourself as often as you need through gentle breathing and meditation journeying.

Blessings x