Holding space

Having a kindred soul walk beside us while we heal and grow can make the difference.

Situations crossroads decisions dilemmas

All of these things are normal in the course of our life and at any given time we may have one or several of these on our minds.  When something comes to the fore and demands attention it can be destabilising and disorienting. We may struggle to see the forest for the trees and we need to deal directly with the issue at hand and draw on our natural ability to look deeply into our soul and inner wisdom.

Guidance and direction

Seeing through the eyes of soul can help us dissipate the 3D veil of illusion and what we really feel inside becomes clear again. Many say to me they already felt inside that they knew the answers and just needed someone to help them see through the noise. In the current paradigm there is a lot of noise and crowding on our senses. We will create a quiet space to focus on you and help you to find solutions to your problems.


from people I've worked with

Sharon H

I had a reading done by Aeve and I was amazed at how intuitive and accurate it was of my situation. I have had one thing that had been playing on my mind and I was given great insight into my questions and I gained a lot more confidence and certainty about where I was headed in life which I needed to know. I have never had a proper reading done before and I am a great believer that Aeve has a gift and beauty about her when it comes to touching our spirit and soul and can help many people find the answers they are searching for.

Maki I

Earlier this week, I had a reading with Aeve and I was struck by her accuracy. It was an absolutely enlightening experience for me. Aeve’s warm words are encouraging and made me think “Why didn’t I get here sooner?"

Healing in every area of your life...

Holistic approach to your life includes all aspects of it

How Aeve can help you?

I know the courage it took for me to seek help and how most of my life has been a path of learning in this way. Meeting teachers at the right moments and then time in between to digest and experience the learning. I am blessed to have had many gentle teachers who've shown me how warmth and compassion heals. As well as other teachers who've shown me aspects of humanity that I needed to see, so I could form a wider picture of our human story through the ages and see the magic that is still here for us to heal, reset, recalibrate and create with. If you wish you can read more of my journey here.

To help you in practical ways as well as multidimensional, I'm studying a counselling diploma and have qualifications in community services and basic counselling. Over the last few years I have given many spiritual guidance and counselling sessions. If you would like to read what others have said please tap here and you are welcome to contact me to confidentially chat about what you are looking for in a counselling and healing session.