Holding space

Having a kindred soul walk beside us while we heal and grow can make the difference.

What is Inner Child Healing?

Inner Child Healing is a process that goes to the very core to look at the things that keep us going in cycles and unable to move forward. Having someone to guide and support us in my experience is essential when dealing with deeply imprinted energies.

Attending to the needs of our wounded Inner Child frees us from the past and is an integral part of the healing pathway that many of us must walk through when we are ready. It's a path of deep healing that untangles our core to release early life and past life programs, so we can begin to create our lives from heart-centre and many of us wish to align our creation with our soul desires. The Earth simply gives us an opportunity for experience and we have free will without judgment from the Earth, to create here.

I believe this process is most effective with gentle unconditional and compassionate understanding and I will guide you to identify issues, and help you heal and strengthen your inner core which brings sustainable change, empowerment and joy. When we find peace with the past, release the heavy energy and allow our inner joy to rise, it naturally lifts our base levels of self-esteem self-worth and happiness.

You are welcome to try one week of inner child therapy and if you'd like to continue you can pay for 6 weeks at a discount, or come for as many weeks as you wish and pay weekly. I offer 6 weeks to enable a stronger foundation for you to begin with. Each of us has unique needs and the process is dynamic and attuned to how your soul guides you.

We can work together for as long as you wish and can pause and resume at any time, as well as use other modalities to support you as needed. We will work at comfortable and sustainable pace for you.


from people I've worked with...


 Aeve draws upon many years of knowledge, experience and wisdom to deliver insightful and soul energising readings. She has a natural ability to accurately predict the future and her loving words nourish and support a feeling of peace and calm.
Her healing sessions are imbued with warmth, compassion and kindness which leaves you feeling very loved, supported and empowered. She has the ability to cut through all the noise and see our human experience from our soul’s perspective. Through the lens of this bigger picture she gently guides you to remembering your soul’s purpose and tuning into the abundance of the awakened state.
I’ve had many moments of clarity throughout my readings with Aeve which have enabled me to release blocks and align more authentically with my soul. Her holistic approach to the healing process naturally supports you to confidently follow your inner knowing and intuition.
Aeve’s healing sessions provide a glimpse into the true beauty of your soul and your potential to live a happier more authentic life.


I attended inner child talks by Aeve. These talks helped give me a greater understanding of relating and healing my inner child. Aeve included useful information, guided meditations and group discussion in her talks. A gentle and compassionate woman I highly recommend her work.


with a holistic approach to your whole life