Walking with you

Having a kindred soul walk beside us while we heal and grow can make the difference

What is Holistic Coaching?

This approach uses elements of traditional life coaching with counselling and spiritual guidance to honour and develop your intuition and sense of multidimensionality. That is, a soul having a human experience and remembering how to use your innate powers and abilities to create your life experiences and perhaps explore what you have come here to do.

We work with the current programming and filters to see where you are stuck in areas of your life and belief systems that keep you going in cycles. We use reprogramming techniques and lots of warm support and encouragement to gently guide you through the situations and aspects of your life that you wish to and are ready to experience growth.

Often coaching is used within counselling, this however has a focus on what it is you want to achieve and how I can support you to achieve the goals you desire. 


from customers...


Aeve was professional and could feel she loves the work she does. She definitely has a gift and I went away feeling so motivated and inspired to make the changes I needed to in my life. It was a very positive experience. Will definitely come back to see her and recommend her to my friends!


Aeve provided deeper clarity into my journey and helped me to see that my trials and tribulations are all key to my spiritual development. I have greater appreciation for these aspects of life and feel more empowered in welcoming all that life has to offer. Thank you Aeve for your insights, and your ability to convey it with kindness and deep wisdom.

Optimising every area of your life...

Holistic approach to your life includes all aspects of it