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Holistic Counselling

Holding space for healing. Having a kindred soul walk beside us while we heal and grow can make the difference Find out more

Meditation Therapy

Learn to cultivate an inner world of peace and harmony to create an outer world of peace and harmony Find out more

Intuitive Reading

When guidance and direction are needed to cut through the noise of the mind and get to the heart of the matter. Find out more

Inner Child Healing Therapy

Healing the sacred cords that link back to our earliest imprints and have continued to shape our lives Find out more

"Aeve draws upon many years of knowledge, experience and wisdom to deliver insightful and soul energising readings. She has a natural ability to accurately predict the future and her loving words nourish and support a feeling of peace and calm."

~ Anne L

Unlocking energy is the single most important factor in healing

A combination of healing modalities helps us soften energy and my therapy is very effective in identifying and providing what is needed to unlock and release.

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