“Aeve draws upon many years of knowledge, experience and wisdom to deliver insightful and soul energising readings. She has a natural ability to accurately predict the future and her loving words nourish and support a feeling of peace and calm.
Her readings are imbued with warmth, compassion and kindness which leaves you feeling very loved, supported and empowered. She has the ability to cut through all the noise and see our human experience from our soul’s perspective. Through the lens of this bigger picture she gently guides you to remembering your soul’s purpose and tuning into the abundance of the awakened state.
I’ve had many moments of clarity throughout my readings with Aeve which have enabled me to release blocks and align more authentically with my soul. Her holistic approach to the healing process naturally supports you to confidently follow your inner knowing and intuition.
Aeve’s readings provide a glimpse into the true beauty of your soul and your potential to live a happier more authentic life…” Anne

“I first met Aeve in winter 2015. I was living in Brisbane as PhD intern back then and I was suffering from quite serious burn out. Aeve offered a series of seminars concerning setting boundaries in our life. I thought it was something I needed the most, so I joined her group. From the first meeting, her kindness and capacity to listen and synthesize opinion from all the group were outstanding. I felt very understood and comfortable in the group. Also, the meditation sessions she was conducting as an opening for each meeting helped us to start the seminars with a very nice atmosphere of calm. I decided to continue the second block of seminars, concerning our inner child healing with no hesitation. For me, meeting Aeve was an extremely interesting and powerful experience, complementing other psychotherapeutic approaches I knew before. Also, it is one of my warmest memories from my stay in Australia...” Joanna S

“I recently had a reading with Aeve which was very uplifting, positive and enormously encouraging. It showed me with amazing accuracy where I am with my life journey and how to prepare and clear for the future. Clearly Aeve is a gifted reader with strong knowledge and ability. I am so grateful for the reading as it has helped me move forward with determination and optimism…” Meredith

"I had a spiritual reading with Aeve whose soul is so gentle and pure. She saw things in me I couldn’t see and she was very insightful with her vision for me. Also very accurate. When she reads she is totally focused and present only for you and the spiritual knowledge and experience shines through as well as her people skills. She has given me much to contemplate and I thank her for the insight and beautiful energy..." Debbie P

“I very much appreciate Aeve's intuitive reading and spiritual counsel. Aeve provided deeper clarity into my journey, and helped me to see that my trials and tribulations are all key to my spiritual development. I have greater appreciation for these aspects of life and feel more empowered in welcoming all that life has to offer. Thank you Aeve for your insights, and your ability to convey it with kindness and deep wisdom…” Rachel

"I had my first reading with Aeve and was amazed at her accuracy. I've had readings before but Aeve somehow seems to see everything from a higher perspective. She also has an amazing ability to explain what she sees with such great wisdom and understanding about the human experience. I will be recommending Aeve to all my friends and to anyone who wants to gain not only insights into what they're experiencing, but valuable and constructive advice on how to deal with life's challenges..." Silvi

“I had a reading done by Aeve and I was amazed at how intuitive and accurate it was of my situation. I have had one thing that had been playing on my mind and I was given great insight into my questions and I gained a lot more confidence and certainty about where I was headed in life which I needed to know. I have never had a proper reading done before and I am a great believer that Aeve has a gift and beauty about her when it comes to touching our spirit and soul and can help many people find the answers they are searching for…” Sharon

“Hi this is Jude. I have been coming to Aeve’s Meditation and Angel Card Reading group for quite some time now. I find Aeve to be a very Spiritual person. I recently had a reading from Aeve and she was very spot on and gave me clarity in my own life. She is one very special and gifted reader who has a gentle and sincere nature. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance…”  Jude

“It was amazing to meet with you, and the reading you gave me spoke directly into my situation. The cards depicted very clearly what I can see anyway, and confirmed it. You were very reassuring and supportive, and very attuned. I felt at ease and we seemed to enter into a timeless zone. Many thanks. You are a person after my own heart. Many Blessings, and yes, you are an excellent reader and a wise soul. Wishing you light and love, and Namaste…” Gyan T

“Earlier this week, I had a reading with Aeve and I was struck by her accuracy. It was an absolutely enlightening experience for me. Aeve’s warm words are encouraging and made me think “Why didn’t I get here sooner?…” Mara

“Thank you Aeve for the reading yesterday…it gave me a new sense of peace and all is well in my world!..” Marie-Louise

“I found Aeve’s talk on Boundaries informative and helpful. An hour only seemed like 10 minutes. The group setting gave an opportunity to share and listen to others personal experience and feedback. I felt lighter and happier after the group…” Susan T

"Thank you, I really needed to hear this, I have been doing a lot of personal developments and healing lately, I guess I am just stuck as I'm not sure what my soul purpose is and I want to do too many different things that all require degrees, but your message has reassured me that I will find peace. You are spot on and have excellent intuition :). You have reassured me that I'm doing ok and just need to keep going with the flow till I know that I am safe and I can move on and change will happen, patience is the key I think..." Jess

“I have just had a wonderful reading with Aeve. She was professional and could feel she loves the work she does. She definitely has a gift and I went away feeling so motivated and inspired to make the changes I needed to in my life. It was a very positive experience and the way Aeve explained the cards that came up really resonated with me. Will definitely come back to see her and recommend her to my friends!..” Sandra

“I find when Aeve starts her meditating session everyone is immediately centred and focused to receive. Her calming voice is truly a gift and her words seem to be guided by her heart, which is open to service. It always is a privilege to participate in one of her sessions…” Deb F

“Aeve has a very warm, sensitive, empathetic nature that shone through in the reading and her advice. She read the cards intuitively for insightful guidance through a difficult time…” Sarah

“I was very happy with the reading from Aeve. Not only was the story it told a positive progression for me but her insight and care in interpreting its meaning was much appreciated…” Barb J

“Sitting with Aeve and her reading for me was comforting and reassuring whilst being intuitive and also skilled at explaining the meaning of the cards. It was a illuminating experience. thank you…” Stacey

“I attended inner child talks by Aeve. These talks helped give me a greater understanding of relating and healing my inner child. Aeve included useful information, guided meditations and group discussion in her talks. A gentle and compassionate woman I highly recommend her work...” Susan T

“Aeve’s reading was thorough. Her gentle ways of explaining was refreshing and appreciated. Its nice to have a reading from a genuinely gifted person…” Ruby Jo

“Being with Aeve is a delight in it self. She has a very high vibration and does her reading out of the purest space of love and gentle allowingness. Having a reading with her is like listening to a story unfold, that happens to have you as the main character in it. Very insightful…” Julia C

“I have received a reading from Aeve Pomeroy. She is insightful and caring in how she delivers information in her reading. Aeve has a genuine wish to help women empower themselves. Aeve also holds meditation circles, which I have been attending, where she always leads with a lovely guided meditation. Personally, I find her voice very soothing and easy to listen to while being taken to a level of complete restful relaxation…” Debbie W


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