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Intense pressure from unhealed energy and healing with kindness

This is indeed an energy charged time for us, I hear many others say and feel within myself the intense pressure as it brings deep issues to the foreground.

These may be roots from our formative years that are rising to be acknowledged, accepted, and unconditionally and compassionately loved. There may also be unresolved issues that have accumulated over the years, and often finding they are entangled with the already established roots from our early experiences and environment and ancestral DNA.

Our inner child needs our attention and love now as we may feel there are less resources available to push these matters down as we’ve been able to do in the past and the pressure will quickly bring them to the surface again.

As we know it’s easy to say these things and when faced with past feelings and memories we have managed to keep buried for a long time, it can be incredibly hard to feel the feelings again.

I’m writing this to share with you so that you don’t feel alone in your struggle and if you are experiencing this in greater levels now.

You may be wondering how long this purging and healing will go on for as you have grown exceedingly weary of it and wondering with your whole heart when and if you will ever be free of it.

I don’t know if we can know the details of when things will happen as for many of us, as our journey is about experiencing our energy and perhaps learning from it and if you are reading this it is likely how to release and free yourself from energy that has kept us trapped in the past.

This process will take as long as it needs and what I have learned from it is each learning phase has previously run in cycles. Things are moving so fast now that there is often less time between cycles of healing and recovery, and I believe it has something to do with our current paradigm beginning to implode and the pressure of this is creating greater pressure within us and exacerbating our unhealed issues.

Our energy is as our present thoughts are, and if we have unhealed energy in our body it will find it way into our current reality, showing us what needs to be healed.

To accomplish this we often re-create people and situations and these may appear differently at first. Then as it progresses a familiar flavour emerges and we may wonder what they are about, and eventually coming to see we have experienced something else to learn and grow from. Once again creating with energy from the past in order to address it.

I call this healing by proxy and we do this when the person or situation we need to heal from is no longer accessible for us.

A familiar example for many is having unresolved issues with a parent and then choosing partners or close friends or associates with aspects of the parent’s issues to work through them with.

This may be happening thick and fast now with it seems little space between manifestations to breathe. I feel taking time now to breathe is more important than has ever been. Creating time in quiet places and meditation as best we can. Trusting our soul is guiding us through this current environment.

If the pain is reaching unprecedented levels know that the process of layers being dissolved has revealed some very deep and tender roots to take care of now.

We will find that these roots are the very basis of the things we have struggled with over the years and need tender loving support from our wise adult and others who we trust to support us.

Take good care of yourselves with lots of self-loving which is self-care and nurturing and understanding that old feelings, behaviours are surfacing because they have never really gone away, it’s just they have been buried so that we could survive and do the best to create the best life we could. The irony with this is the frustration with feeling them undermining us along the way has likely been immense.

It appears to me that we are living in a time where everything is being brought to the surface for healing and being especially kind and understanding with ourselves is key.

Kindness towards ourselves and others helps us to free ourselves from the effects of our own and the collectives’ behaviours. 

Understanding many are experiencing our unhealed emotions and doing what we know to heal ourselves. My thoughts go to President Trump as an example, as many of us see him in the news daily, with more and more efforts from the tornado energy he is running to fulfil his needs, that will also be driven by things he needs to heal and the voids he needs to fill within himself.

An unhealed ego is a very deep void and as the ego expands due to pre-programmed greed, it becomes increasingly deeper. It will cause a person to resort to manipulative behaviours that include destructive behaviours to fill those aching voids. I feel this man is an energy that represents many currently suffering from unhealed ego and many of us see aspects of ourselves in him that we find hard to accept, and this is the mirror he holds for us, so we can learn to love those parts and fully heal. Understanding that we do what we do because of our programming written in our cells, and as we know now, this programming can most definitely be rewritten, like a computer disk – literally. Remember that unhealed ego doesn’t always manifest as an inflated sense of self, it can be a deep inner feeling of not being enough as we are, and this drives us to do things to prove we are more.

As always, in a gentle and loving way allowing the energy mirroring what is coming up inside of us to grow in our awareness and healing the shame around it. Remembering it’s not our fault, and whoever’s energy we have embodied this time, including Trump, or any of the energies we see as evil and/or beneficial to humanity. We have all been programmed and programming is powerful and learning from others is powerful as we are social learners. Social learning is widely accepted fact within behavioural science. For 1000’s of years as a race we have learned many destructive and unhealthy aspects and is it any wonder these programs are running in all of us?

I write this as I hope to help you release the shame felt about anything you have done, felt or thought in the past, as shame keeps us locked in the past and unable to process the energy to move forward and free ourselves from it. Remember you are a beautiful soul that is full of love and joy and what weighs you know is this heaviness of the past. Time now to release it as this paradigm changes.

Much love and blessings

Aeve xx

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