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Storms and Prophecy

It’s not been easy to look at the current political situations and for years I’ve protected my body from energy that felt toxic and constricting and interfered with my healing. Of late an urging has moved me to look out, as there are important things to see.

Spring - Pink Magnolias - White House - Blue Skies - Aeve Pomeroy Photography
After the storms – beautiful peace

I think many of us felt the tidal unrest when Donald Trump came to presidency. It was like our souls knew that he would bring us closer to change and we see the storms created by political leaders are particularly strong of late.

I want to share the relation of weather-type storms to human emotions as being the same energy and how both kinds of storms always blow themselves out and end. I also want to examine how storms and the situations and shaping of humanity can relate to prophetic works that filter throughout history and appear to have a more profound affect on shaping us and our ways of thinking than we may realise. I also want to tie these things in with ways we are shaped through using objects and concepts that carry energy, such as words and images and also the rise of narcissistic behaviours that have been modelled by leaders and authoritarians throughout history, and also to offer my theory of how a combination of human suffering and our nature of social learning has enabled the development of the narcissistic phenomenon we are now experiencing.

I also aim to offer insight, healing, comfort, and to strengthen ourselves, as we are living in many storms and maintaining peace is an art that will serve us well. This is the purpose of my work to remember our peace and warmth and intelligence and see enough of the bigger picture to release ourselves from programming and create our experiences from true heart’s desire and not from someone else’s agenda.

Remember that what we ask for the Earth gives us and what we think and believe, we create.


Looking at the bigger picture

I’ve felt drawn to search and write about this current situation in light of what I have learned from a wise and gentle soul who has helped me see a lot about the world and bigger picture of what is happening to humanity. His insight has also been a source of healing.

For nearly 10 years I have been watching human behaviours to see how we are being affected by issues and events and other behaviours that have caused us suffering for as long as recorded history and probably longer.

In our entire recorded human history, we can clearly see a large proportion of mistreatment and trauma going back to the beginning of our fabled origins and we where we have been lead in ways that were not truly for our benefit and how we have been treated undeservedly harshly.

We have been “doing suffering” for millennia

Remembering that many of us have had many lives on Earth to experience this history first hand and pain like money is an energy and has a cumulative effect that is like compounded interest in a bank, only much more generously compounded than a bank!

See in your mind’s eye the tree of branches that has grown gnarly with much affliction and suffering of insects over time and each new generation of branches and leaves is an energetic fractal replication that becomes heavier with the weight of past lives and our DNA from ancestors. The new growth is immediately affected by the insects (old programs). Also with our ability to absorb energy from the whole human collective we can see that this present generation are carrying more than any in the past and the next will carry even more and so on and on for as long as we continue creating this current paradigm.

Spiritual laws are constant

The way to change any of this is how it has always been and those who practice and understand the magic of life will tell you, is through healing ourselves. This is really all any one person can do as we can’t force another to authentically heal, or do it for them.

Unless we consciously take steps to release the past and truly heal ourselves and not just ease the suffering with band aid measures, we will continue to pass it on to further generations.

Humans are not designed to endure constant pressure

Human resilience is amazing although we have had to endure a relentless agenda to break us down and really it’s not our fault that we are struggling as much as we are now considering what we’ve had to endure and still have to survive with today.

Over time and for all of our efforts we have been more and more hurt and broken as the pot is constantly stirred with changes and harmful behaviours that hurt people and often those who are most vulnerable.

This has naturally lead to a sense of powerlessness and a lot of anger and latent anger (from this life and past life) being triggered, and understandably so. We may see this anger spilling out in ourselves, in news reports, public comments and social media where we are looking for opportunities to release and deal with our pain in ways that may be direct or indirectly hidden behind something that appears to be positive.

Human ingenuity and passive-aggression

In desperation to be heard and healed, we may resort to covert ways of communicating that we have learned are more socially palatable and provide opportunity for us to be heard, but the underlying message is actually motivated by our suffering from anger, frustration and or depression and will carry that energy and feel incongruent to those encoding the message.

In some cases this has developed into conditions described by mental health professionals as passive-aggressive behaviours that typically create scenarios that hurt people.

I’ll quickly note that it’s not my intention to put any of us down and for the purpose of creating and open space for healing, I recognise that a great many of us, including myself, have resorted to means of getting what we’ve needed from life that were not necessarily healthy for ourselves or others. Remembering that what we do to others we are really doing to ourselves.

Era of damage control

As we have seen over recent years the rules around behaviours have tightened considerably to deal with the intensity of people’s frustration and anger spilling over and hurting themselves and others.

To protect ourselves we have brought in public laws and social mores around anger and behaviour and rules of anti-trolling and anti-flaming etc.

This has had some success in shielding us from the wrath of others, but also gives a clear message that we are not allowed to express our strongest emotions as they are socially unacceptable, but unfortunately shutting down of emotional energy tends to create other problems that we can understand through natural processes.

Emotional energy is our spiritual power

Emotion is energy and needs to be in motion or moving of it becomes stagnant. We can think of it as energy in motion.

When unable to release emotion we suffer, as the pressure builds inevitably causing more suffering that may lead to us exploding or imploding on ourselves.

It’s no wonder some of us resort to passive aggressive and deceptive ways to release our pain and many of us become physically, emotionally and mentally ill through strong emotion trapped in our body. Some of us lash out when it becomes too great to bear (pressure cooker build up and explosion) and then have to wear the cost of our actions which creates a loop of pain-pressure build ups and unhealthy releases compounding as more pain.

The reality is now that illnesses caused by mental disharmony are recognised by mental health professionals as creating a lot of damage to many people.

The similar effect of weather and emotional storms

In our confusion, angst, frustration and lack of understanding of ourselves and lack of understanding of how to self-soothe, self-regulate and heal and calm ourselves, we are creating a myriad of storms amongst us, and many of us sense this energy and even when people are not directly talking to us or even saying very little, it can have the same disorienting affect on us as a weather storm.

I had this experience recently with someone who approached me at a bus stop and wanted to talk and with the first few words, tone of voice and physical expression I could sense their anger and my body felt their energy. After a few minutes I could feel the pain surging through me, my head began to scatter and frizzle and hurt and I had to back away.

It actually took some time afterwards to rebuild my energy and I saw that even just a short interaction with this can drain us very quickly. It’s not this person’s fault and they are they way they are because of things they’ve learned and experienced.

Very angry people many not like that people keep backing away and they may suffer from anger that draws towards them but may not see how to change. During my quite time I came to see where I was also still carrying some anger within me, as many of us have this energy still in our bodies.

I wanted to convey the effect of this energy and how it felt like experiencing a storm that blew my energy around with it’s intensity. It truly was just like being unsheltered in the midst of a weather storm, with form being violently projected and I had to recover and rebuild my energy after it, just like in the aftermath of any natural disaster.

The person wasn’t angry with me, that could see anyway, they just wanted to have essential human interaction and to be heard. I can imagine lots of us sense this anger and steer clear and how hard it must be for us to have essential needs met when we hold a lot of anger and have become physically and mentally ill with doing so.

I have created a relatively peaceful life now and the experience took me back over several relationships where this kind of energy was prevalent from both myself and others and interspersed with moments of calm, but always simmering under the surface and building like the time bomb ticking and ready to explode again.

On a larger scale this happens all over the world. We live in a world of mirrors of fractals creating and recreating continuous patterns of energy until we change our energy, and I believe we are seeing the intensity of anger and resultant instability being reflected in the leaders representing us and the storm that this amount of intense emotion creates is unable to be contained.

As is the case in storms in nature and we are nature and all of this is the same energy.

Is healthy and unhealthy behaviour subjective?

I describe unhealthy behaviours that are ones that cause suffering to ourselves and others as not generally nurturing and tend to harm us in some way. They will be ways of being that tend to imprint suffering on us in some way as pain is a powerful teacher.

Because we are social learners, literally all of the healthy and unhealthy behaviours we practice today have been learned and passed down through millennia as programs and the number of these behaviours (or programs) increase exponentially with learning and in proportion with our population.

Programming is powerful

The issue with unhealthy programming is it tends to imprint on us strongly and will influence:

  • the way we see ourselves,
  • the way we see others,
  • how we see the world,
  • how we see ourselves within the world, and
  • how we see our place within the world.

These programs can also sit as latent time-bombs that when triggered causes us to behave in ways that may shock us. The more severe the damage done to us, often the greater the imprinting and whether we in turn behave in ways that damage others, or choose to behave differently, depends on the strength of our other programs that can keep it in check and our overall belief in our strength and resolve to step back and choose restraint and our support systems.

If we have been hurt and have not had a lot of positive influences and experiences, we may find ourselves bumping against life, so that we can release the pain and tension we feel.

We may also do things to secure our control and ensure our good feelings are provided, as we don’t know how else to cope with our wounds and our ego that is trying to compensate for the painful voids we feel.

Role models are powerful

While many of us suffer with our pain and not knowing how to contain it so that we don’t destroy our relationships we are watching a leaders playing games in the sand pit that to many of us look ridiculous but really contain a lot of symbolic representation and once again holograph mirrors for the current paradigm

This recent story of the Philippines’ president who is unhappy with the North Korean president’s behaviour and the explosive and unrestrained way he expresses himself, is representative of how many of us express ourselves today and is fuelled by high levels of frustration. Understanding that our roots of anger and frustration are often deep beliefs of powerlessness and fear and we are learning from others how to cope with this. Note the word “unleashed” is being used a lot in the media of late to describe this ability to vent and let out the pain that many of us are denied exposing.

Kim Jong-un is a ‘son of a b****’ with a ‘chubby face’: Rodrigo Duterte unleashes

I want to now look at the intricacies of how media shapes our world and has been shaping us for some time.

Energy carries through word associations

We may be wondering what kinds of changes are ahead for us and with the excess of fear, drama, nonsense and uncertainty from the news, I feel many of us have become weary of the storms and the broadcasting or spell casting is not having the same effects anymore, as we are seeing the games of power and finding it harder to respect what we see as nonsense.

I say spell casting as it carries a conditioned association with the word cast and I am currently writing more about words and their conditioned associations, as I feel it’s important for us to see the magic of how this world works so that we can free ourselves from anything that holds power over us.

In this way I believe it’s imperative for us to see the intricacies of word associations and how this is used by media to ensure the blueprint is carried out and programs are kept in place and we are kept under hypnosis subconsciously receptive of them.

Cast is associated with casting a spell, which means to: put into a trance, and or win the affections of. The word cast means: to forcefully throw something, or to cast light or shadow, or to mould an object, such as a bronze statue. All of these meanings I feel are relevant to the news and other broadcasts that use words, themes, concepts and behaviours that humans learn from and respond to triggers from numerous lifetimes as well as current lifetime conditioning. We absorb energy and words are energy and their energy is increased through their association with other things.

Creating and playing out emotions

Behaviour and circumstance are created by our learning, programming, and our thoughts and beliefs. They are playing out as the physical representation of a circumstance (like a cake) that has been brought together by certain elements (ingredients).

Elements are energy and in the same way they are brought together to make a cake, elements can come together to create a storm.

An emotional storm can with past unhealed trauma creating intense emotions and the feelings overwhelm us and all we can think about is revenge and finding something to soothe our pain. The frustration builds as we struggle to find relief and the anger and pain grow stronger, round and round it goes, creating circular thoughts picking up other circumstances past or present or imagined to add to the momentum.

Eventually a full blown emotional cyclone is formed and will rage until there is some kind of intervention, or a natural release and exhaustion of energy. We know that all storms will eventually blow themselves out.

Protecting ourselves

Like a weather storm we watch around us to see what is happening and if we need to take action. Often all that is needed is to protect ourselves as it runs its course. This is not as easy to do when storms appear in our homes and workplaces and schools and even in our neighbourhood the energy can affect us as we hear people around us arguing and letting off aggression.

and instead of engaging in news that stirs our emotions and unsettles our bodies, we can trust our inner guidance to direct us towards what we need to see. We might also use to time to do some healing work, particularly around frustration, anger and fear and what may be triggering them. Inner child healing is perfect as it helps us get to the core instead of only addressing the symptoms.

As the fabric breaks down

The results of a Google search today for Korean president “Kim Jong-un, unleash”, made me realise we are moving closer to change and while we may not know when and if we will see major changes that still could be some time away, we are in any case seeing programs of the current paradigm breaking down significantly, as this becomes even more evident in systems and within our relationships.

We may be feeling this as an implosion turning in on itself and the collapsing of things that are so broken they are no longer able to sustain themselves. If we see this as like a computer program that is breaking down and going haywire, I think it helps us understand the bigger picture and seeing from a soul perspective helps us stay grounded throughout this storm, as all storms will pass.

At the end of this post I felt to share a prophecy I found in a document downloaded last week and I had left until later. It managed to catch my attention today when it appeared on screen after my computer crashed. I haven’t been able to find the link to download the document again, but have included link to the website mentioned in the document and another site with information about the writer of the prophecy.

Blueprints for the future?

I wanted to examine the role and power of prophecy as for some of us it holds quite a lot of power and for others it may hold less but perhaps like a superstition, we may hold a thread of wonder if there is any truth in them, or at least a thread of fear and doubt.

Prophecy, like superstition, is associated with our intuitive (spiritual) ability that many of us feel is still within us, but we may not know how it relates to our human psychic ability, or how to use it. It may hold dark associations of mental health issues and fears of persecution. Many of us may doubt we have intuition as our minds have been directed and split in so many ways that we are unable to connect with it, this is where mediation and mindful practice helps us not only restore peace but calm our over active minds.

I want to offer a couple of points of view about prophecy and it’s ability to act as a blueprint for the future, with the premise that humans create our world with our thoughts and what the majority of us think is what we see in our world.

The power of intentionally planning

To help us understand how this may work we can once again look at microcosm – macrocosm fractal energy and use our natural empathy to imagine ourselves as leaders whose aim was to maintain control of a group of intelligent and potentially powerful people. Remembering the aim is full control and to have this I would not only only have to shape the way many people thought, (seeing me as the supreme ruler that is somehow greater and more capable than most people – and endorsed by the unseen sky gods) but also create a plan for how I was going to bring about this control and stay ahead of the game over time – as powerful and intelligent people began to see through my deception, I may use prophecy like planning ahead in a diary or a blueprint of a building or city is designed.

Many of us who use diaries know the magic of how they work, we write things in them and during the day those things get done or we reschedule. Either way the effort of intention through planning and writing on paper or digitally recording energy intention has a magical way of bringing things to pass. Many people we see as successful in manipulating energy in this world in their favour keep some kind of written plan for how they do this.

The same magic works for any plan we have and the more detailed the plan, the more focused it will be on achieving a certain outcome.

The spread of serpent and sun gods and end times prophecy

This is a big subject and today I just want to give enough of what I’ve been shown to join some dots. I will write more about this and direct you to a website for a deeper understanding about the deception of religion and deities and their roles used as higher forces we can’t see and have to instead have faith in their physical representative on earth. To see that today this is still the same as ancient times with royalty, aristocracy, clergy and governors…

I’m not pointing toward a single godhead figure of creation, as I see the concept of sun god and serpent god throughout the Earth and some similar cosmologies and prophecies suggest to me this knowledge may have been spread and integrated within cultures and this is another topic.

As I wrote earlier about blueprints, I’m speculating that over the course of human history leaders have felt the need for prophetic instruction to be given with authority and reverence, so that it would be taken seriously and most importantly the seed is planted in minds and our thoughts would eventually create it. This kind of power and authority may only have been possible with an association of spiritual authority and mysterious power from beings we have never seen and have had to be satisfied with stories from the past on walls and in art and in leader’s crests and shields and the fact that they swear oaths to the unseen gods that somehow is supposed to prove their authority. It’s no wonder they have to take a different tact now as more of us see through the smoke screen.

We also spoke earlier about the power of fear and pain to imprint us and we will have seen that most prophecy we see, is steeped in fear and inevitable destruction and death.

Media as a tool for ensuing the prophetic programs

Even if we haven’t read end time prophecy from origins of source such as the Judeo-Christian bible and Hopi texts, we will have likely seen the information filtered through fictional and non-fiction media and or stories within the community. The prophecy may have also been delivered to us in parts through various sources, such as the Nostradmus, Ursula (Mother) Shipton, or books like dystopian fiction, or nuclear holocaust fiction and science fiction genre. Music is another powerful way of passing on information as the emotion from the melody enables us to form strong memories, and since our earliest recorded history it is associated with worship and authority. There have been an number of popular songs within modern times and here is a more extensive list to see how much this theme has influenced us through music. It’s possible that the end times theme triggers emotion which draws us to the song, and also gives the artist a prophetic persona, which increases their respect. The same likely works for other forms of media.

Prophecy touches something deep within us

I have a strong belief through seeing the capabilities of myself and others to see the future, that people are able to see future timelines and in this process we may also draw information that has come directly or indirectly from prophetic work.

As we look at the current situation of a person, group, or humanity as a whole, we can see images of where we are headed towards and the possible course of events that we have already created through the ingredients of our past and present actions.

For example, it is easy for us to relate our current situation to prophecies of people’s hearts growing cold because of lawlessness and families turning against each other, we can also see images from indirect and extended prophetic themes that have been presented to us, for example, images of the nuclear holocaust movie, The Day After, may come into our minds, and this could then link with images from the Hopi, or any number of origin of source eschatologies such as, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and others.

If we have come from homes where the scriptures were discussed, if we have read about and or watched documentaries (e.g. Prophecies of Nostradamus and 1000’s like it) and even in futuristic and science fiction materials we have likely picked up emotions around the words and concepts and formed or remembered images in our minds. Fairly recently the Mayan prophecy linking in with the 2012 phenomenon has been popular with 2012 and the 2012 movie became 2009’s highest grossing movie and increased the exposure and power of the prophetic end-times script. If we look at these and other spiritualism/mystic prophecy, the destruction of latter days is a common tie and here is a comparative list of some main ones.

The main concept here is that no matter how you have accessed this material, the power behind the prophetic association has the ability to affect us in very deep ways and the overarching concept of latter day destruction is carried through as a message in many formats, so that very few of us have not been exposed to it in some way. In my opinion it is the underlying message that holds the most power to direct us towards the actual outcome.

The underlying message of prophecy is “cause and effect” and that we are at fault for creating this future and that we have been warned – through the prophecy and in modern days, scientists. Yet in many ways we are in a catch 22 (a paradoxical situation from which an individual cannot escape because of contradictory rules) as we have become dependent on many things that are causing our destruction and our declining mental, physical and emotional health is also contributing to destruction behaviour.

We can see that people who have added to the prophecy pool over time have often drawn attention to the latter days degeneration of humanity and destruction scenarios. We have ample widespread ancient sources and sign posts or road maps along the way telling us the same warnings of: if we don’t change this will happen etc.

The root problem I see about making changes towards a less destructive outcome, is we have been lead by many cruel, greedy, punitive, and narcissistic-type people who have hurt us and treated us undeservedly harshly.

In essence we have learned from influential people who have assumed god-like status and immunity and act as teachers to show us how to live, direct our societies and how treat one another. A lot of these people have been very greedy and cruel and over time we have accepted that authority is harsh and cruel, so that when called to elect (or endorse) it we will give our spiritual support to a line of rulers going back to antiquity, that keep us broken and in guilt and shame for not having the ability to change our programming and therefore change the end time scenario.

Obstructionism of environmental solutions and human wellbeing

The greed of large business has prevented many environmentally safe and low-impact ways of living from being promoted cost-effectively for many struggling with living expenses. It’s interesting to see the products that are harmful to the Earth and often us (containing toxins) are more easily in reach of low incomes.

A single mother with young children living on welfare and paying high rent will not likely be thinking about where she can source cotton buds without plastic handles and organic food.

Viewed in this light we are not set up to win within this paradigm as due to being heavily programmed with attraction towards drama and suffering over 1000’s of years, and the cost of living a totally green life, that almost becomes impossible unless we are to completely cut off from the rest of society.

We find it almost impossible to break out of negative patterns and lifestyles that have been introduced to us by leadership of some form, and through seductive advertising and media representation of a lifestyle and products that appeals to any aspirations of class, leisure and hedonism (where have learned this from?)

To see an interesting analysis of how the concept of buying happiness influences and affects us, I recommend a short movie on Ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus and what brings us true happiness and how this is used to manipulate us. His words fore society then are just as relevant as today and we can see the society blueprint hasn’t really changed much.

Understand these programs tug on voids and needs in us that are so very strong. They appeal to our needs to be recognised and accepted (loved) and our comforts (our life). They are tied deeply with our self-esteem and we think nothing of buying an imitation piece of jewellery that transports us, even just for a moment, into the feeling of association with the representatives of wealth, luxury and comfort lifestyle (aristocracy, movie actors, etc. that receive much love and recognition and comfort).

So strong is this programming about class power and entitlement, that many of us use debt to maintain an appearance of it. Once again this is not our fault, as we have learned this from observing influential others and following those around us, as is our nature to do.

Free ourselves and we create space for others to free themselves

I hope to offer healing through shedding light on these things and not to intentionally cause further suffering, only so the light can help us gently see what is happening and we can free ourselves from the power this programming has on us.

From time to time I hear from and read about people who are frustrated by acts of obstructionism that affects their ability to do things to benefit their own lives and the lives of others.

It can be quite hard to reconcile the dissonance of a situation where mass amounts are spent on company organisation or reorganisation and executive income, and yet services and funding to vulnerable people are reduced, or environmental issues ignored. Here are some claims of obstructionism in not for profit organisations highlighting government administration costs that prevent money getting to the people the organisation is set up to help. Also seen again in protecting water and developing electric cars. I find it hard to believe with the intelligence and ability available today (space exploration, computers, artificial intelligence etc.) that creating an electric or solar car for widespread use and implementing efficient and non-toxic ways to grow our food and care properly the people of Earth and for the environment is this difficult. Bearing in mind that much of our power is given to leaders that we essentially entrust our lives to, but what choice do we have if we are to live in the societies created.

Do the prophets have it right?

It’s not my intention to prove prophecy is right or wrong, but to offer the view of how it:

  • influences the way we think and,
  • creates fear,
  • anyhow fear can be a powerful tool for creation of what we don’t necessarily want

Paralysis of fear

Fear can keep us stuck in old programs and dependent on people who offer some kind of relief and protection from discomfort – even in small measures and or deceptive ways.

Fear is the result of giving our power to another and because of this energy exchange we experience powerless and come to depend on protection, even when:

  • It doesn’t actually protect us from our fears and makes our life very hard,
  • it comes with a very high price, and / or
  • only really pretends to have our best interests at heart while having control of us.

We essentially revert to child-like people who are dependent on a parent to provide for our needs as we no longer know how to provide for our own, or work together in meaningful and healthy ways to create something for the community.

We may feel the need to protect ourselves from the toxic environments created in many educational institutes and workplaces. In my community service role I hear stories of teens with severe anxiety and find it almost impossible to go out. i wonder if schools were truly nurturing and felt safe and loving how different things would be. but the reality of this is unfortunately far from the reality of some schools where cruelty and aggression and built up anger are rife and coming from a socially disadvantaged home has likely made some of us literally collapse and shut down our functioning. This situation is not just teens.

If we are powerful beings why is this happening?

Knowing that our thoughts are powerful to create our current reality, we begin to see that through what we think and believe is essentially what we see in the mirror in in our immediate environment. If the masses are influenced to think in certain ways then this is what we will see in our world, and the combined influences of our present and past life cultures can also shape our current reality, gives us a window to see how powerful we really are and perhaps we can begin to see the possibility of how the prophetic blueprints that have filtered through over 1000’s of years have ensured we are all more familiar with the end time destructive framework for humanity than we may have realised.

More comparative prophecies of end times

The document I mentioned earlier highlights prophecy from the Inca’s, the Hopi, Edgar Cayce, and others that all relate to a time when the current world systems would start to break down. I felt to skim down and stop at Ursula (Mother) Shipton, who lived in Yorkshire, England from 1488 to 1561, during the reigns of Henry VII and Henry VIII. It’s unclear about who actually wrote this work, as someone has admitted that they added to it, but regardless of who wrote it, the last messages interested me the most as I see concepts of the times we live as a summary of what is happening now and the potential future that actions have been leading to. Events in our recorded history suggest the future scene has been coming for much longer than the last 100 years, as from broader view we can see all of the emotion stirred up from suffering over millennia is coming to a head. In a sense it is like a relationship where people have been antagonistic for so long that it is bubbling literally towards an explosion. In the macrocosm view, the relationship is our human lives with leaders, societies, and all others we have interacted with, and all of the experiences both positive and negative over as many lives as we’ve had. We also have biblical prophecy and other writings from various cultures and times about the end of the current paradigm and there is a general theme of destruction and indicating that people would be lead to this by current rulers, and it would be a time of deep unrest and unhappiness for humanity, turning against each other, and we would bring about destruction through the ways we are living.

How prophecy may be purposefully acted out to reinforce it’s power

In regard to prophecy and the time we are living, it appears certain prophecies are being played out in our time. Whether this is being done deliberately, or has been the natural progression of human evolution, it’s interesting how writing about the future can become blueprints that are then are created within reality. I was drawn to a biblical prophecy about the ancient city of Babylon being rebuilt in the last days and the actual “Future of Babylon Project” being rebuilt in 1982 and destroyed by the U.S. led invasion to overthrow Saddam, in freakish kind of way.

When Saddam Husain was in power he was reported as comparing himself with the ancient king of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, and projecting pictures of himself with the king’s face to the public. Saddam rebuilt the palace on the site of the original palace that existed in 605 BCE and the bricks in the newer version were inscribed with, “In the era of Saddam Hussein, protector of Iraq, who rebuilt civilization and rebuilt Babylon.”

The United States Embassy in Baghdad contributed $700,000 to the project and The World Monetary Fund (WMF) described the project as a “site management plan for Babylon” and called it “The Future of Babylon Project.” https://web.archive.org/web/20150312074948/http://www.wmf.org/video/future-babylon. http://web.archive.org/web/20090418045458/http://www.worldviewtimes.com/article.php/articleid-4613/Brannon-Howse/Joel-Rosenberg http://web.archive.org/web/20090303213837/http://www.newsdaily.com:80/stories/tre51a0mm-us-iraq-babylon/

WMF vice-president at the time of the Babylon rebuilding project, Lisa Ackerman is reported as saying, “It’s extremely important. When people say this (region) is the cradle of civilisation, that’s certainly true of Babylon. It’s a culture that had a profound impact on what we think of as modern civilisation.“ (I will expand on this below.)

Whether Saddam took the initiative or took up a suggestion I don’t know, but however it began, a prophecy was fulfilled; the box was ticked and the action increased the perceived power of biblical prophecy within the collective consciousness, through empirical significance of its fulfilment. In other words, classical reinforcement of the idea that biblical prophecy carries some credibility, and what we think, the Earth gives us.

The powerful energy of Babylon

Still today Babylon holds a lot of associated energy and conceptual ideas from ancient times. The following explains more about the Trojan Horse of meanings and associations that come with Babylon.

Conceptually, Babylon originates from Hebrew biblical descriptions of excessive luxury, materialism, greed, captivity, cruelty, sin and corruption, and this compounds with the “Whore of Babylon” who is said to rule the nations in the end times and in contrast, appears to have contributed to the advancement of modern society and infrastructure.

This description is from Ancient History Encyclopaedia

“Babylon also appears prominently in the biblical books of Daniel, Jeremiah, and Isaiah, among others, and, most notably, The Book of Revelation…..Outside of the sinful reputation given it by the Bible, the city is known for its impressive walls and buildings, its reputation as a great seat of learning and culture, the formation of a code of law which pre-dates the Mosaic Law, and for the Hanging Gardens of Babylon which were man-made terraces of flora and fauna, watered by machinery, which were cited by Herodotus as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.”

The name Babylon is from an ancient Akkadian word Babilu in Mesopotamia and may come from bab-ilum meaning “gate of god.” The city of Babylon or Babylonia is closely associated with the Tower of Babel, although it’s not clear if the two were built on the same land. In Hebrew Babel means “confusion (by mixing),” and this is used interchangeably with Babylon according to a Hebrew lexicon and is quite likely where “babble” has originated from, to describe continuous and confusing murmuring sounds or incomprehensible and or irrational speech.

According to ancient records, the Tower of Babel was being built by the descendants of Noah to reach heaven with intention of the “sinful” act of becoming like gods. They spoke one language and as punishment they were made to speak in different languages so they couldn’t understand one another.

Theories for the reason we speak different languages suggest people used language to adapt to their environment, but regardless of how our communication eventuated, the story, like, a well known Brother’s Grimm fable, is a pivotal point in our psyche and many of us are familiar with it as the reason why we have different languages. In our psyche Babel which was a pivotal time in Hebrew cosmology when people were forcefully divided against their will through some kind of spell cast from the gods (mentioned as plural at that time) that made them speak different languages and they were powerless to do anything about it. Most of us may see this as folklore, but like other stories that come from the past and have a religious association and for some of us reverence, we are likely to be holding past and possibly present associations of reverence which gives it some kind of respect and credibility, even if it doesn’t fit with our version of reality now. It’s like the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. We know it’s a fable but it’s so familiar to many of us and in some way it feels like it’s really happened.

The story of resettlement of earth after the flood and disobedience corresponds with the Hopi cosmology, of those who populated the earth after the flood destroyed the Second World. The Second World in the Hopi record was destroyed for the same reasons as in Noah’s time, saying that people had become greedy, materialistic and insatiable and the population was basically wiped out and would start again with people of pure heart. The difference with the Hopi story, is the people like Noah (said to be pure of heart) were hidden under the Earth with the Ant People, while the Earth was cleared (cleansed) with a flood. Essentially the stories have the same core purpose and when the story comes from two sources of origin, it gains further power of reverence, adding to this the geographical evidence of the flood that we will have seen, heard or read about.

So that regardless of the actual truth and validity of the cosmological records that correspond to the flood evidence, the information is so well imprinted in our psyche, that in our collective consciousness we have a very strong association with the great flood and some kind of end times situation of cleansing and repopulating the Earth.

Babylon or Babylonia or Babel also has significance in other cultures. In Rastafarian culture Babylon refers to a system built on slavery and refers to African slavery as well as continuing exploitation and mistreatment of people today. Here is another researched article about this.

In modern western music it has appeared in at least two songs, which have significance due to their popularity and content. One is named, “Babylon,” and is a bittersweet love song about confusion and coming back to undoubted (unconditional) love, written and sung by Dave Gray. The lyrics are worth a look. It’s interesting that listeners may also connect with the hint of couple’s resolution (love as a glue) and the words and sentiment of the song as a panacea for modern ambiguity of feelings and uncertainty to commitment that causes a lot of suffering.

The song has made Dave Gray wealthy and touched many due to it’s warming melody and sentiment of continued love. The mysterious name of Babylon, which somehow doesn’t fit with the song, holds an attraction of it’s own and adds mystery to the song. I’ve also noticed the mention of drugs in the lyrics and the feeling of normalisation of this way of life and relationship dynamic due to the warm notes of the music and his mellow voice, which suggest to me the influence of the song is not actually healthy.

The other song reminds me of a jazzed up church hymn or Sunday School song, “By the rivers of Babylon,” by Boney M, was very popular in the 1970’s and is about the sorrow of Jewish prisoners in ancient Babylon under the rule of King Nebuchadnezzar. I remember feeling a tingling chill and sadness when I first heard this in the 1970’s and reading the lyrics just now gave me that same feeling, perhaps triggering something from the past.

In science fiction, a Babel Fish animal device appeared in a popular series, “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy,” as a fictional alien fish that when placed in the ear translates alien languages. Incidentally the series was based on a doomsday plot of an alien race blowing up the Earth and only a man and woman were saved by another alien before it all went went boom. The series inspired an online language translation service BabelFish.

Another scifi series that sticks in my mind, even though I’ve never watched it, is Babylon 5 which reading about the plot now it looks predictably fitting to the point I’m making in this article about association and elements of prophetic human disintegration. “Set between the years 2257 and 2262, it depicts a future where Earth has sovereign states, and a unifying Earth government.” The element of centralised power comes in yet again as it does in many fictional works and derived from philosophical ideals. Religion and human struggles continue into the future now with wars between Earth and colonies of humans on Mars and various alien races in the picture. It’s interesting that Elon Musk has plans for people to be living on Mars by 2018 and thanks to programs like Babylon 5, the idea is not so strange to us. Perhaps we have been pre-empted to accept centralised government as well and we can see how it looks and with the idea that it’s for our own good as we are not capable of turning around our own destruction.

These are fictional programs but we watch them hypnotically and take in the information they provide and link it to other things we have taken in, whether we are conscious of this or not. The main purpose of bringing these things together is to show you the ways that can be used to influence and preempt something that will be introduced in the future so that it can be done easily and will seem like a natural progression for humanity. Babylon 5 was made between 1993-1998 and in the scheme of things is not that long ago, but we can see now where concepts of this may have been in the planning for much longer than before we see them.. Matthew Delooze saw this and wrote extensively about it.

I’m sure I could dig up more associations, as the information is plentiful and much of this has been in my memory for a greater part of my life. When we begin to look at associations with words and images in our current world is chock full of symbolism and as I am pointing out the theme that runs through the all of these topics in some way links back to biblical associations and by using the name in modern media and keeping the biblical tie, enables the direct association to be strengthened in the mass consciousness. Most people will know at least one or two of these associations with Babylon and very few of us will not have heard the name. So when the word is tied with a modern construction, in a place of the exact ancient association, the power created to react within our psyche is great.

This is just one word of many that carry a multitude of meanings that link to accumulated and compounded associations going back to ancient history and over time more is attached to it to create a powerful symbol of meaning and capable of triggering information about experiences from the past.

The power of writing

A lovely friend Anne, has just sent me some information about the history of diary keeping and journalling and I will be sharing more about this soon as it’s amazing what opens up when we look deeper and see the magic that is here. I want to bring some light as well as sharing things that are troubling humanity, as it’s unfortunate that we need to see what is keeping us stuck and trapped in our suffering so that we can free ourselves from it and understand that there is still magic here to work this and help us to do this.

Those of us who keep diaries know the magic of how things in a diary get done. Writing is powerful and as I explained above, words carry power and that power is absorbed and passed on for others to absorb in written or spoken words, emotions and actions. Have you ever had the experience where you read or watched something and in some way begin to act out like a person or an idea that influenced you? Through this we may see where a written blueprint of the future also holds power, even over thousands of years where it becomes even more influential due to it’s longevity, mystery, and perceived sense of authority, such as through spiritualism and or religion.

I can also see how the blueprints such as prophecies from the Judeo-Christian bible, Hopi, Aztec and others could influence writing from other prophets and this will also find it’s way into fictional works and trigger something within us. It’s interesting when looking into the global container of prophetic works to see the similarities and consider how the sameness of ideas may have eventuated. We may wonder if this is more of an organised operation than we have realised. Is it possible that the leaders of this world are not actually living on Earth as some have speculated? Could humans from another place that may possibly live longer than our lifespan have given information to all people in a coordinated effort? Could this imprinting of prophecy be a vital ingredient to shape the future events for humanity here? So many questions from speculation over the centuries but at the end of the day, we are living out and greatly entangled in a paradigm that appears to be breaking down, and many of us hope solutions will be found as we are lost for what to do, apart from making the best of our day to day and doing what we can to make life better for ourselves and others in small ways.

Narcissism plays more of a role in our reality than we may have realised

We may wonder why anyone would purposefully harm humans that are beautiful and have a vast capacity of intelligence, warmth and love. It is very likely we have experienced suffering from the hands of another in some way at least once if not many times throughout our life. Unless we live in a protected bubble it is impossible to avoid someone who is harmful to themselves and others. In reality many of us have suffered greatly from the unconscious and conscious behaviours of others and at times we have caused suffering. Through these experiences of great suffering we have opportunity to develop more awareness of ourselves and others and we learn from them. Through this learning we become wiser and learn to preserve ourselves from more suffering.

Like many who have experienced life with someone who suffered from harmful traits of narcissism, I took a long time after the damage was done to reflect and examine and I began to see these kinds of behaviours throughout my life. I also saw them reflected in myself and those who had been influential to me. Through this learning I began to understand more of the ways that suffering plays out in humans and deep insecurities that drive people to storms and destructive behaviour towards themselves and others, and what drives people’s need for control and having their needs met. These are powerful forces and they have destructive effects on the person who is unable to cope with their suffering other than shut down their emotions so they cannot feel what another feels, and so they can unleash their vengeance on another to cope with their pain without being directly affected by it. The natural human-empathy connection is broken and their human becomes an unbalanced entity that is more like a machine becoming increasingly hungry for energy and will use every kind of manipulation to have their needs met.

I share these things so we can join to dots when we wonder how people can do what they do to others, and how people in power can allow what they do. As we are seeing there is much talking but less doing of things that actually benefit people as a result human suffering is increasing greatly. There is also the effect of people passing on their behaviours through learning. A ruler who hurts people greatly such as a religious leader who abuses children, or a leader who severely punishes people for the religion they choose, influences a lot of people and then the after effects of people then going on to harm others increases exponentially.

Human-Psychic abilities and seeing possible timelines

I believe seeing timelines into the future is a natural ability we have as human-souls. Many of us have had premonitions about places and people and things happening before they appeared in our physical reality. Of the many possibilities of creation, certain ingredients have come together, such as for a chocolate cake, in which we would see the outcome as a chocolate cake. If we change the ingredients then we will see a different outcome. If we can see certain things in our reality as ingredients that bring together an outcome, it gives us important information for how to create within our own lives and also to understand how things can be brought together through blueprints that have been imprinted on human consciousness and some of them over many lifetimes.

Releasing 3D programs

Before I include Ursula Shipton’s prophecies, I feel it’s important to keep a balance, which empowers us through knowing who we are and the inner strength and wisdom that many of us already know are inside of us.

We have 3D perceptions which makes us believe this world is real and is all there is and tells us that we feel solid and so does our world and beyond. An example I’m being shown is the gas giants in our solar system, Jupiter and Saturn, that look solid but are made of mainly hydrogen and helium. Even now that we know science confirms what records from Buddhists, Ancient Greece and Ancient India that taught about the world is made of particles that are constantly moving and changing. We are hard wired to see permanence and security and it may be hard for us to see the Earth as a sandpit of form that can be moved and shaped then reshaped, as our programming to see a solid reality and need for security and survival is very strong. It’s had to be this way so that we could take our Earth experience seriously. We are not seeing things at the quantum level of what we know as particles and if we did perhaps our view of reality would be very different again. Newer science has shown us quantum levels of activity of form, that we understand as our ability to harmonise with another’s energy and the energetic connections we form enable us to communicate and affect one another even though we live distances away.

We have intuitively known since early times that Earth is constantly reflecting our energy and moving and adjusting to it, and we are finely tuned with the Earth. It’s only through our disconnection with Earth and intuitive ability that we have temporarily forgotten this knowledge. When we remember more of this though feeling and strengthening our connection with Earth, as the ancient’s lived, we take back our power and ability to synchronise with energy and move with it to create our heart’s desires, instead of replaying the programs that have been passed on through past lives and the collective psyche and are being constantly reprinted on us by family of origin, ancestral memory from DNA, architectural design, historical monuments, and much of what we absorb from the energy forms produced by large businesses (written materials, TV, music, movies).

Our strength is and has always been in nature

Understanding more about our nature I feel will help us greatly through the physical and emotional storms in the coming times. As I was reminded by a kind man the day after a recent storm here, that the storm always ends and afterwards brings the most beautiful and healing peace and golden light. It is the presence of many storms at once and without the balance of peace in between, that disturbs human balance and keeps us constantly in fight and flight, anxious and over functioning, so that we wear ourselves out quickly. We are constantly dealing with the news and media spell casting, and struggles of people around us, and our own struggles in this life and carrying from past lives, and it’s no wonder we feel very drained and tired and many wonder how much longer we can go on like this. The burden of human suffering has been accumulating like compounding interest for millennia and is reaching a very heavy weight to bear. This is evident in the medications people use to numb the pain, and the high use of opioids as a stronger means of this. Mental health professions are now describing treatment-resistant depression.

Green energy from plants is and has always been important to us, but now more so than ever as we see less nature in our environments and the health of it may be declining due to toxins and imbalances. We need to absorb this energy daily and multiple times daily. If we can’t walk in green or near green, keeping deep green leafy plants in pots or cuttings in vases is a way to be near green. Many instinctively take green smoothies and supplements such as spirulina or chlorophyll to increase intake. While the grass eating animals have adapted bodies to grass, ours have adapted now to other things, also understanding that our daily leafy greens were once considered grasses. It’s interesting that cows, sheep and goats etc., grow strong on eating greens alone.

There are other ways to help ourselves stay strong and calming our mind is one of the most important. I have written more on this and will add to it as I feel this an area that needs particular support.

Listen to your soul and draw close to nature when you can. Even a 10 minute walk around the neighbourhood and connecting with the energy in front gardens or parklands can be a a lovely experience and we also get the vital nutrients from the sun. Saying this, take care to look after your skin with just enough sun and not allow damage, staying within limits recommended for our skin type and listen to our inner wisdom that tells us when we’ve had enough sun, depending on our skin type and climate and for some of us in warmer months will be less than 10 minutes a day.

Resilience of humanity

Perhaps we are wondering if all the effort we have put into this life will amount to something for us and to be honest I don’t know. If we can acknowledge our experiences and what he have learned, as our humans have overcome programs of fear and shown ourselves we can become stronger and wiser for the experiences, I believe this to be a great work. In terms of human growth, the ability to change our energy from destructive to healing is thought by many as one of the greatest achievements.

Saying this, everything on Earth is seen in different ways and perceptions and opinions of right and wrong are relative to our beliefs and culture. Given enough time we may all grow closer to soul and perhaps this plays a part in our purpose for existence, or perhaps we have simply come to experience human form and show ourselves all that humans are capable of.

It’s normal for us to search these things and especially in times of great uncertainty. In practical terms of where we are with our current collective situation, is a world where many of us find disturbing and depressing to see how many of our human family are suffering and behaving in ways that bring about their destruction and the destruction of others. Which really are are the same because of our interconnectedness, and what we do to another we do to ourselves. What we do to another is through proxy of how we feel about ourselves.

I have also been shown people who see sunshine and nature and are resilient and have grown authentically sick and tired of the nonsense that they see as toxic and are turning away from. People are holding on to their humanity, human warmth and love as the most precious things in the world.

Challenging our ideas of this is all there is

Something else that can help, is remembering that even though Earth seems like the only place we know of life and to support our life, it is only one aspect within one dimension of what is possible with creation. I’m being shown an animal that is only visible through an electron microscope on my clothing and wanting to imagine how the world will look to that animal. Just as we are too large to conceive the world it sees, it is too tiny to conceive our form and how we perceive our world.

In time I believe we will come to see we have been entrapped and entangled in an unhealthy paradigm, that we couldn’t see before, because of limited information from before a certain period many of us are uncertain of our existence before then, if it has always been this way with corrupt power and mistreatment of humans. I feel strongly that in our memory is a different life that is nurturing and where we were truly free to embrace and enjoy human form. This is why the current paradigm feels wrong and off for many of us. Whether this was on Earth or another place, we may not know in this life.

I feel it’s very important to realise our human resilience and what really is the heart and soul of our being. As however much longer we have to play out this experience on Earth, I believe that we are eternal souls, and our souls are stronger than anything a human (from Earth or elsewhere) can do to us. We may have thought that coming back here numerous times was the way of some religious and spiritualist philosophies, but once we see the bigger picture we can take back our power to make our own decisions about how we experience our existence.


Just as the person who has been entrapped and entangled in a narcissistic relationship one day awakes and takes back their power, so are we.


I chose this prophecy by Ursula (mother) Shipton becuse of the way it efficiently summarises the concepts we are experiencing today. We don’t know if this is Ursula’s actual work as a man has admitted to adding to her original writing in the 1800’s. There are also doubts about the stories of her birth, her life and her death, so bearing this in mind, the point I want to make is prophecy over time becomes like nursery stories in our psyche and with added elements of mysticism about the writers lives, they combine to form some kind of supernatural respect for things we don’t understand, or have rather forgotten about ourselves. Nostradamus lived around the same time as Ursula Shipton and was another who has become a well known fable that is possibly based on some truth, and many of us have turned to his writing and for answers during times of war and unrest. Perhaps two prophets from the same century add to the credibility of their message, and the common factor of their’s and other prophetic writers that have assisted in carrying the human end times blueprint throughout history.

Ursula Shipton’s prophecy

The signs will be there for all to read

When man shall do most heinous deed

Man will ruin kinder lives

By taking them as to their wives.

And murder foul and brutal deed

When man will only think of greed.


And man shall walk as if asleep

He does not look — he many not peep

And iron men the tail shall do

And iron cart and carriage too.


The kings shall false promise make

And talk just for talking’s sake

And nations plan horrific war

The like as never seen before.

And taxes rise and lively down

And nations wear perpetual frown.



Yet greater sign there be to see

As man nears latter century.

Three sleeping mountains gather breath

And spew out mud, and ice and death.

And earthquakes swallow town and town,

In lands as yet to me unknown.


And Christian one fights Christian two

And nations sigh, yet nothing do

And yellow men great power gain

From mighty bear with whom they’ve lain.


These mighty tyrants will fail to do

They fail to split the world in two.

But from their acts a danger bred

An ague — leaving many dead.


And physics find no remedy

For this is worse than leprosy.

Oh many signs for all to see

The truth of this true prophecy.

From a document sourced from here although I can’t find the link to actual MSWord document on their website, if you would like to read it please message me and I will send it to you.

Full prophecy and information about Ursula Shipton on Crystalinks