As beautiful and useful as trees

As we look and wonder what the events unfolding are leading towards, we see an analysis of online searches shows that many are looking for reasons why things are happening and this is very understandable.

In the past people have drawn to prophetic works to make sense and try to receive some comfort in knowing what may be in store for humanity and how it may affect the lives of those dear to us. On an individual level we attempt to seek knowledge and prediction about many things and often daily, looking at the weather, news, what others are doing as a guide to whether anything is changing and we need to know how to manage those changes.

We are built this way for the purpose of our survival.

Yet inside many of us feel our inner child just wants to be held closely and gently told that everything will be OK.

We feel this even more so when the storms are created and we hear of wars.

Many of us look in places that provide filtered information from original prophecy sources, such as TV programs, news, movies, music, and some of us consult actual metaphysical sources and or the original prophecies themselves.

We may look to media as an acceptable way of accessing prophecy and prophetic visions, as we find it hard accepting something we don’t understand and has dark associations of persecution, death and mental illness. Within fictional and some factual media we may find threads of original source prophecy are woven with imagination, yet the result is often the same, the roads lead to human beings turning against themselves and each other, and leading to eventual destruction. Looking into the various cultural cosmologies, we may see this has happened numerous times and coincides with geographical evidence dinosaur extinction due to heat, ice age and flood. Given this information we may wonder what is happening next for humanity that appears to be on a steep slope towards the end of our current paradigm or world, as the Hopi Indians describe each new start as a new world.

Humans are so much more than this but our history is plagued with hierarchy, abuse and pain. So much so that we continue to play it out and have little real control over our need to do it. Many of us have found ways to take out our pain and still remain socially acceptable, we have also found ways to appear as though we are doing and saying one thing, when we actually mean another. This behaviour can look healthy on the surface but underneath there is another motive that is about making doubly sure we get our needs met. When societal norms do not allow us to release our pain it doesn’t mean the pain is any less of a problem, in fact it actually straight-jackets us from dealing with our emotions in the only ways we know how.

I think in many cases the norms are there to protect us from the emotions that cause people to act out and cause harm. So people demand laws of protection and these are enacted and of course broken when pain overrides our ability and or will to keep the laws, and of course when people we not have the mental capacity to comply with laws.

We can see the perpetuation of pain through suppression of it contributes much to the whirlpool of suffering that is circling through humanity. Centuries of it carried down over time and now we are bearing the weight. People are becoming less able to contain it and pressure is increasing. The scene is forming where more control from authority is needed to protect those who haven’t yet broken down and many people reach for prescribed and non-prescribed medication to cope with their inner turmoil and what is outside of them daily. We can see the prophecies coming to pass and yet the little that is done to truly help people process and heal from their pain is far far outweighed with the amount of pain and pressure that is coming in.

It’s not a picture we like to see and I don’t like this either at times I feel sad and angry and wonder if things will get any better this side of the next course of destruction. It appears the present leaders are purposefully pushing this direction for some reason, perhaps the direction to do this is coming from a greater authority that is yet unknown to many of us. There have been all kinds of speculation about this and universal prophetic works appear to support this theory, or to suggest that some authority travelled throughout the ancient world to spread these ideas and command respect and obedience.

I will be adding a series of writing that comes from my perspective and the observations of the past 10 years since finding information from Matthew Delooze about what has been happening to us. I can’t say enough, that I believe seeing the bigger picture is the way for us to free ourselves from the suffering of our lives and of our ancestors, and the whole human collective. As we still run the programs of separateness and these programs are being strengthened even more over time so that we feel even less connected and many are suffering now because of this.

I will include the first post in the menu above and ways to easily access this information with cross reference as I get more organised with this.

Take good care beautiful soul and know that you are strong and your human can be strong again too with the right nurturing and gentle help to reprogram and align more with your soul.

Blessings x