Healing around Communication 1

In my work and path, I see a lot of us struggle with ourselves and others. It seems to be a constant task for us working out why people say and do things they do, and then trying to understand them for the sake of restoring our own peace.

I also see that with so much confusion around communication we release just enough energy to relieve pressure, yet the underlying issues within ourselves stay unresolved. In our busy day there may not be time to go deeper and we may not be ready to cope with things that have laid under the surface most of our life. This is a process of removing layers of protection that is often painful as we need to feel again so we can heal and needs time and gentle support. So to get by and allow us to keep functioning we find a way to release enough pressure to find some relief and allow us to get on with dealing with the next important issue.

From this view we can see that without resolving this energy it will stay in our body and come up again when triggered. Energy in this form tends to accumulate with each memory or occurrence that we subconsciously create to resolve (release) it.

When we see that what affects us is directly tapping into roots of our own main issues and not so much other people (who are manifestations of their own energy), we can begin to find closure through understanding the behaviour from the other person is nothing to do with us and is simply the energy they are running. We may have triggered something in them, but their behaviour is still their’s to own, just as our energy is ours. There are many things that don’t trigger us because we are neutral about them and they don’t relate to unresolved issues within us.

We are also interpreting the situation through our filters of perception which directly relate to our beliefs and what we have learned.

From this perspective of energy we can begin to see the world and ourselves differently and I believe this helps us dislodge the energy that is trapped in our body so that we can begin the healing process.

Blessings x

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