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Experiencing through soul brings a new perspective, empowerment, and healing, through transforming energy.

 My sessions help you see the power within you to change and create your life.

I have lots of experience with intuitive reading, counselling, leading meditation and giving talks on life skills and growing close to soul.

To further assist you with emotional and practical matters, I have qualifications in Community Services and basic Counselling, as well as many hours of experience from spiritual guidance sessions and intake assessments, and currently studying a Diploma in Counselling.

I'm based in Geelong, Victoria Australia, and look forward to meeting souls from anywhere technology connects us. Distance is seldom a barrier as energy can be felt through time and space. Blessings and I look forward to helping you.

Please read information below on terms and ethics before we begin☀️

We use elements of Spiritual Guidance, Holistic Counselling, Intuitive Reading, Inner Child Healing and Guided Meditation to help you reach clearer understanding and self-empowerment.


Sessions are $60 per hour

or $30 with concession card

Inner child therapy is sacred journey where together we help you heal the roots of your past and move forward.

Scroll down a little to read more about inner child therapy.

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Personal phone and Skype sessions available Monday to Saturday. 

0479 099 398

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Inner Child Healing is a process that goes to the very core to look at the things that keep us going in cycles and unable to move forward. Having someone to guide and support us through in my experience is essential as these are things that we need extra support when dealing with.

Attending to the needs of our wounded Inner Child is among the bravest journeys we will take and the effectiveness for freeing us from the past cannot be underestimated.

I believe this process is most effective when handled gently with unconditional and compassionate understanding and I will guide you to identify issues, just as my teacher did with me, and we will gently address them to help you heal and strengthen your inner core which brings sustainable change, empowerment and joy. When we find peace with the past and allow our inner joy to rise it lifts our base levels of self-esteem self-worth and happiness.

 You may wish to try one week of inner child therapy and decide if you want to continue. If you like you can pay for 6 weeks or come for as many weeks as you wish and pay weekly. I offer a discount for 6 weeks to encourage a stronger foundation for you as this is substantial work.

We work together for as long as you wish to and can stop and resume at any time. We will work at comfortable and sustainable pace for you. 


 “Aeve draws upon many years of knowledge, experience and wisdom to deliver insightful and soul energising readings. She has a natural ability to accurately predict the future and her loving words nourish and support a feeling of peace and calm.
Her readings are imbued with warmth, compassion and kindness which leaves you feeling very loved, supported and empowered. She has the ability to cut through all the noise and see our human experience from our soul’s perspective. Through the lens of this bigger picture, she gently guides you to remembering your soul’s purpose and tuning into the abundance of the awakened state.
I’ve had many moments of clarity throughout my readings with Aeve which have enabled me to release blocks and align more authentically with my soul. Her holistic approach to the healing process naturally supports you to confidently follow your inner knowing and intuition.
Aeve’s readings provide a glimpse into the true beauty of your soul and your potential to live a happier more authentic life…” Anne L
 “I attended inner child talks by Aeve. These talks helped give me a greater understanding of relating and healing my inner child. Aeve included useful information, guided meditations and group discussion in her talks. A gentle and compassionate woman I highly recommend her work...” Susan T

Terms ☀️

Before we begin it's important to have an understanding of the nature of this work and its limitations.

I have genuine faith in my ability and spiritual insight to provide you with guidance about your soul's journey, but I will never tell you what to do. I only provide insight to empower you to make decisions based on your inner wisdom and seeing more of the big picture.

By using this service you agree that the contents of this website and associated content pages and counsel provided by Aeve Pomeroy are not to be used for, or interpreted as, professional advice.

Therefore you agree that Aeve Pomeroy cannot be held responsible for any harm, distress, damage or loss that may arise from your use of this service.

When using this service you agree that you are 100% responsible for the outcome of your decisions and choices.

Thanks for your understanding, blessings.

My Code of Ethics

I honour your privacy and all consultations are confidential.

I always serve the best interests of my clients and conduct professional activities without intentionally causing harm.

I treat all clients with respect regardless of origin, race, religion, gender, age or sexual preference.

I always keep names and any information shared with clients confidential.

I don't give advice on legal, financial, medical, psychological matters, and recommend you consult a professional in these areas.

I don't take consultations for people under 18 years of age.

I have the right to end the consultation at any time if I feel it is not in the best interests of my client.

If within the first 10 minutes you feel the consultation is not what you are seeking I will refund your fee in full.

Phone or Skype Sessions


Appointments are mainly by Skype or phone.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns and I am happy to talk about them with you.

Located in Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Appointment times

Personal phone and Skype sessions available Monday to Saturday.

0479 099 398


Belmont Victoria, Australia 3216




Full refunds are given up to 24 hours before our consultation time. No questions asked.

Within 24 hours of our consultation if you need to cancel it's still ok to make the booking for another time.