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Holistic Counselling

Holding space for healing. Having a kindred soul walk beside us while we heal and grow can make the difference Find out more

Meditation Therapy

Learn to cultivate an inner world of peace and harmony to create an outer world of peace and harmony. Find out more

Intuitive Reading

When we need to look deeply into a matter and work with human psychic ability - yours and mine - to find solutions to your problems. Find our more

Inner Child Healing

A deep and nurturing experience that takes us through the terrain with a loving and supportive guide. 

Find out more

Guided meditation

Beautiful guided meditation audio and groups coming soon.

Talks and Workshops
Talks and workshops coming soon

Healing is a holistic 

non-linear process

and holds a nourishing

and supportive space

for whole-self-actualisation

and reactivation


Aeve has been interested in people and healing for as long as she can remember and through much trauma and healing has learned valuable information and experience to greatly assist those who draw to her.



Being with Aeve is a delight in it self. She has a very high vibration and does her reading out of the purest space of love and gentle allowingness.


Your message has reassured me that I will find peace. You are spot on and have excellent intuition 🙂


Aeve was very spot on and gave me clarity in my own life. She is a very special and gifted reader who has a gentle and sincere nature. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance


It was amazing to meet with you, and the reading you gave me spoke directly into my situation. You were very reassuring and supportive, and very attuned. I felt at ease and we seemed to enter into a timeless zone. You are an excellent reader and a wise soul.


An exchange of energy


30 minutes $35

45 minutes $45


Inner Child Healing Session

$60 for one hour

Terms & Ethics


Before we begin it’s important to have an understanding of the nature of this work and its limitations.

I have genuine faith in my ability and spiritual insight to provide you with guidance about your soul’s journey, but I will never tell you what to do. I only provide insight to empower you to make decisions based on your inner wisdom and seeing more of the big picture.

By using this service you agree that the contents of this website and associated content pages and counsel provided by Aeve Pomeroy are not to be used for, or interpreted as, professional advice.

Therefore you agree that Aeve Pomeroy cannot be held responsible for any harm, distress, damage or loss that may arise from your use of this service.

When using this service you agree that you are 100% responsible for the outcome of your decisions and choices.

Full refunds are given up to 24 hours before our meeting and after then you are welcome to book another time.

Thanks for your understanding, blessings.



I honour your privacy and all consultations are confidential.

I always serve the best interests of my customers and conduct professional activities without intentionally causing harm.

I treat all clients with respect regardless of origin, race, religion, gender, age or sexual preference.

I always keep names and any information shared with customers confidential.

I don’t give advice on legal, financial, medical, psychological matters, and recommend you consult a professional in these areas.

I don’t take consultations for people under 18 years of age.

I have the right to end the consultation at any time if I feel it is not in the best interests of my customer.

If within the first 10 minutes you feel the consultation is not what you are seeking I will refund your fee in full.


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