Hello and welcome beautiful human soul. I look forward to sharing more with you.

I've been working with healing for the last 10 years and in the space of my own journey back to the soul.

The time of greater awareness comes at a cost and we're feeling the cyclic endings of this paradigm breaking down. We see the leaders of Earth lack integrity and this disturbs our sense of stability. In seeing more of our soul we now face our human that we've been trying to hide from. Many are burning out and we've forgotten how to run our energy. The way through this is love and acceptance of all that is. Healing ourselves is all we can really do here and the glow of our soul will be shared with others.

Many blessings. Xx

About Aeve


Aeve has the ability to step inside another to be with their soul. She has a gift for explaining concepts into easily assimilative information that encodes and decodes your energy to unlock and move it and enable healing. Aeve uses metaphysical knowledge as well as practical wisdom from experience and effective tools to help you release the past and clear the way to live in your power now.

Aeve Pomeroy


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