Hello and welcome beautiful soul ūüėä I believe we draw together by energy and perhaps¬†our humans are meant to meet. Often people I meet are on a journey of¬†helping others because of what they have experienced.

Both of our stories fill many pages and because of my story, I offer guidance and visions of the bigger picture. I feel it's very important for you to see your story and the beautiful gifts you bring to humanity.

I look at aspects of human life as a whole journey that holds many blessings for us and I can assist you to unravel the needs of your inner child and facilitate healing. I believe this is an essential part of the process to address the roots, as they will continue to speak to us until we acknowledge them, and we will keep recreating the past until we learn what it wants to show us.

Healing is a sacred journey that takes as long as it needs, and may take us through a number of processes and teachers. If you feel drawn to me, we will synergise and bring together your learning and growth experiences to deepen your understanding and teach you life skills to equip you for processing the past and new experiences. This toolkit brings you personal empowerment, dislodges and dissolves trapped energy, and offers potential to make a positive and long-lasting change.

I have my own healing journey to draw from, learning to cope with painful beginnings and learning to suppress my emotions by shutting them down. Then finding my way through life with many aching voids and feeling as though I was not fully present. I was mostly always holding back in fear of the real (unhealed) me being seen. Then 10 years ago being guided by my soul to learn why humanity is suffering from these kinds of ailments, to see more of the bigger picture and through this seeing more of my own journey. Seeing through the eyes of the soul and learning how to love and support my inner child and healing.

I am now teaching, guiding and counselling people who are ready to untie and release the past and live an authentic life.

To offer practical help I have studied Business, Community Services and basic Counselling, and do voluntary work with emergency relief to better understand people’s experiences, needs, and ways to help within the current frames. I’m presently completing a Diploma of Counselling.

Photography is another love I have studied, as well as IT. For several years I created a business with gemstones and handmade jewellery. After that ended I spent several months photographing South East Asia and India and enjoying the beauty and magic of these places. I've since moved within Australia as my soul guides me. Growing and absorbing from places and people I meet.

I've made it through difficult and sometimes abusive relationships, facing the mirror they held for me and becoming stronger for experiences, that I see as blessings to guide me back to soul. I've grieved the loss of an adult child. One of the hardest and darkest paths for us to travel. I've learned that compassion and love begin with unconditionally loving ourselves. Learning from some of the most excellent readers and teachers I've been blessed to meet, and grateful for souls who've come to help me practice my skills through readings, counselling, talks and meditation groups. I've also written my life as a book to be shared when I feel it's time, and through this self-reflection, learning to be grateful for souls who came to assist me. Honouring those who came and played their part for without them I may not have achieved this understanding.

If your soul is guiding you I can help you move forward. As I have learned in my own experience, having support through releasing layers and healing has been essential. It would be an honour to help you to see the better life close to soul, and the beauty of stillness and peace that lives within us once we release the energy trapped in our body.

Many blessings beautiful soul and thank you for sharing my journey. Much love to you x


“You have the freedom to be yourself, your true self, here and now, and nothing can stand in your way".
‚Äē Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull