Inner peace

A gentle approach looking into aspects that make your life.

We gently uncover what is in the way of your inner joy, peace and bliss.

Compassionate and Affordable Counselling by Phone or Teleconference. Professionally Qualified. DipCouns DipCommServ DipLifeCoaching DipMeditation Reiki. Currently studying a Bachelor of Art Therapy.


  • “I very much appreciate Aeve’s counsel. Aeve provided deeper clarity into my journey, and helped me to see that my trials and tribulations are all key to my spiritual development. I have greater appreciation for these aspects of life and feel more empowered in welcoming all that life has to offer. Thank you Aeve for your insights, and your ability to convey it with kindness and deep wisdom…”

  • “For me, meeting Aeve was an extremely interesting and powerful experience, complementing other psychotherapeutic approaches I knew before. Also, it is one of my warmest memories from my stay in Australia…”

  • Thank you Aeve for the session yesterday…it gave me a new sense of peace and all is well in my world!

  • “Aeve draws upon many years of knowledge, experience and wisdom to deliver insightful and soul energising sessions. Her loving words nourish and support a feeling of peace and calm…”

  • I find when Aeve starts her meditating session everyone is immediately centred and focused to receive. Her calming voice is truly a gift and her words seem to be guided by her heart, which is open to service. It always is a privilege to participate in one of her sessions.

  • Aeve has a very warm, sensitive, empathetic nature that shone through with insightful guidance through a difficult time.