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What is Holistic Counselling?

What is Holistic Counselling?

We honour that you are a dynamically evolving energy of your experiences, thoughts, beliefs and past lives. We look at your whole life and ancestral history to pinpoint your issues and once we see the bigger picture we can then see what we need to heal.

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Reprinting the brain

Neuroplasticity of the brain enables us to rewrite neural pathways and change our energy and create different experiences.

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Are we free?

Are we free?

We live in an illusion where deep inside we know we are creators, yet the struggle and yearning for fulfilment is real. We do our best to make life comfortable and still the pressure of unhealed pain and disruption is within us and around us. If you feel something is not right on Earth you are not alone and 10 years ago my soul moved me to look for answers why. I needed time to absorb the information from my teacher and then to see it first hand and through observation of human experiences. I couldn't write about these things unless I was sure about them and now I write to help us firstly understand why life on Earth for many of us is not as magical as it could be, and secondly, how we can reclaim our power and no longer let harmful programs ruin our lives.

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Meet Aeve Pomeroy

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Meet Aeve Pomeroy

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Notes from my customers

  • Thank you Aeve for the reading yesterday…it gave me a new sense of peace and all is well in my world!

  • Earlier this week, I had a reading with Aeve and I was struck by her accuracy. It was an absolutely enlightening experience for me. Aeve’s warm words are encouraging and made me think “Why didn’t I get here sooner?

    Maki I
  • I find when Aeve starts her meditating session everyone is immediately centred and focused to receive. Her calming voice is truly a gift and her words seem to be guided by her heart, which is open to service. It always is a privilege to participate in one of her sessions.

    Deb F
  • Aeve has a very warm, sensitive, empathetic nature that shone through in the reading and her advice. She read the cards intuitively for insightful guidance through a difficult time.


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