Spiritual and Holistic Guidance 

by Aeve

Soul's wisdom empowers you

In person and by Skype wherever in the world you are

Our soul calls us to align with our true self.

To find peace... and fulfil our heart.

Prepare to dream again

If you are struggling with patterns coming around and around I can help. Many who come to me say they feel they are living Groundhog Days and are desperate to break free and live the life of joy they feel in their heart. 

You may feel stuck and or circumstances that no longer serve you, or you are wondering when joy will manifest into your life. You are entitled to a joyful life and your feelings matter just as much as anyones. Let me show you how to bring your life on track to creating what you feel in your heart, and align your sacred soul path.

As we answer the call of our soul and surrender in the flow, we generate spirals of loving, nurturing, support and healing. Through opening our heart we open doors to our soul-aligned future.


As we become more of our soul and less of the illusion, we realise our psychic ability has never left us, we’ve only forgotten how to use it. Together we remember and heal.




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Learn to open the door of your heart, as it beats with constant yearning to live the desires of your heart and purpose of your soul.